12 (All) English tenses in 12 days

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12 (All) English tenses in 12 days, Start learning the different English tenses today!

How is you English grammar?

Before you answer I want to ask a couple of questions.

1) When should you use the present perfect progressive?

2) What about the future simple perfect?

If you study English but couldn’t answer those questions then enroll now because this course is for you!

What is this course?

This course is designed to give you a good understanding of the most common ways we use each of the twelve tenses found in the English language.

I have divided this course into 12 days. Each day we will focus on one of the twelve tenses.

As a student try to approach this course as an intense boot camp. Dedicate yourself to one tense per day for twelve days.

If you are a teacher I have designed the course so that you can focus one each of the different ways we use each tense individually.

How is the course structured?

Each day will start with an introduction video.

Then, we have videos that explain when and how we use the tense of the day.

Finally, there is an assignment for you to do to prove to yourself (and me!) that you fully understand the tense.

I have tried to explain each of the tenses in a way that is very understandable through the use of clear pronunciation, enunciation and enthusiasm combined with the use of short videos.

Why should I choose this course over other courses?


Firstly, it’s free (for the moment) so you have nothing to lose.

Enthusiastic teacher.

Secondly, I think I teach this course in an enthusiastic way and hope that this enthusiasm spreads to you. I believe that if you want to learn anything, you must be enthusiastic or you will simply give up.

There is a finish line that you can see.

By knowing that this course is only 12 days, I hope that it provides you with the feeling that it is short sprint and not a marathon.

Consistency is key (or king).

It’s much more effective to study a few minutes a day than to study for a few hours once or twice a week. I want English to be your hobby that you enjoy not your habit that you hate. By only studying for a few minutes a day (but doing it every day) it is less likely that you will come to hate learning.

Remember what you learn.

By limiting ourselves to focusing on one tense per day we are able to prevent the common confusions experienced by overloading yourself with various aspects of grammar.

Develop a habit for learning.

Finally, many people say that it takes 2 weeks to develop a habit. I hope this course will provide you with the framework to develop a habit of study. While this is my second course here on Udemy, there are many other fantastic courses on here to study. I hope that you can use this course as a stepping stone for your continued growth.

Sign up now and start speaking right away!

So, if you want to learn to speak English more with more accuracy and finally bury some of those grammar demons then why not enroll in this course? You have nothing to lose and you will be very glad you did.

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