The 5 Pillars of Rigging in 3D! (Maya)

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The 5 Pillars of Rigging in 3D! (Maya), An easy to follow course that explains the most vital rigging fundamentals!

In this course you will learn themes vital rigging fundamentals, any previous version of Maya can follow along as well or any 3d program! The instructor makes sure this course does not feel like a robot giving you information about rigging, but in a way it actually feels like a friend that is sitting right next to you at your desk helping you out to understand the fundamentals of what is rigging.

You will learn the 5 most important pillars in rigging, each one serves its purpose and all 5 are as equally important!

This course can be helpful for people that are very new to rigging all the way to more advance students in which can learn a few tips to better improve their skillset! (:

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