A Guide to Creating a Professional Artist’s Website

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A Guide to Creating a Professional Artist’s Website, Learn how to write an artist’s CV and bio and get all the information you need to create a professional artist’s website.

In this course you will gain valuable information that will take you from a place where you are making to art to a place where the art you make can be seen in a professional and sophisticated context. With this course you will learn how to frame yourself online as an artist to be taken seriously. We’ll start at the very beginning by teaching you everything you need to know in order to decide how to build your website.

You’ll learn what is a domain name and hosting is and where you can get them and go through some of the best builders for artist’s websites and the pros and cons of each, as well how to get a personalised email address with your domain.

We’ll also cover how to structure your website properly and some simple design and user experience tips. We’ll also learn about images and how they are displayed and work on the web and mobile devices as well as videos and how to get them on your website. You’ll learn about how to use fonts for your website and how your website works on mobile devices and some tips to keep in mind.

We’ll then populate your website with some essential professional content, your biography and your artist’s CV. We’ll talk you through a step by step process of creating these essential documents, showing you how to appear professional, how to talk about yourself and your work and how to promote what you have done in the most efficient and professional manner.

This course is about taking you, and your art, to the next level and starting your career as a professional artist.

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