Accounting 101 – The Principles Of Accounting

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Accounting 101 – The Principles Of Accounting, Start Making Journal Entries Today!

This course “Accounting 101 – The Principles Of Accounting” is Part 1 out of a series of courses that are designed to help the complete beginner (someone who has no knowledge of accounting) master the basics of accounting and move on step by step to becoming a professional accountant!

The course is not just theory but also takes real life examples and walks you through the accounting process. It is meant for students who would like to grasp the accounting concepts in an easy and fun learning environment.

This is a slow moving course. Please do not expect me to move fast since it is designed for the beginner student. Those students who are already aware of accounting concepts should take a more advanced level course instead.

In this course we are going to learn about the basic accounting principles of:

  • Types Accounts,
  • Transactions,
  • Double Entry System
  • Rules for Debit & Credit
  • Passing Journal Entries

Having completed the entire series students of the proper age would be able to take up entry level jobs as accountants, however students would have to practice these concepts again and again externally so that they can grasp real world applications quickly.

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