The Affiliate Marketing Funnel

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The Affiliate Marketing Funnel, How To Build A Sustainable Business As An Affiliate Marketer By Using Funnels.

“I want to make money online, but I don’t have anything to sell”too many people

The thing is, you can sell most ANYTHING online because there’s probably an affiliate program for it…

Basically, a way for you to refer someone to a product/service, and if they buy it, you earn a commission (finder’s fee).

Simple, right?

Of course, there are a million ways you can find people to buy things; however, the best way I’ve found is by building a funnel.

The funnel works like this…

  1. Send traffic to a squeeze page that offers a Lead Magnet in exchange for someone’s contact info
  2. Welcome them to your business and establish your “brand” in the lead’s mind
  3. Send valuable content to these leads via email with the subtle pitches to buy an affiliate product
  4. Simultaneously, stay in front of your leads via Facebook Retargeting ads (be everywhere, always)
  5. Rinse and repeat with new offers!

Piece o’ cake!

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