Angular for Beginners

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Angular for Beginners, Learn Angular, by coding example applications.

I prepared this “Angular for beginners” course for people with initial JavaScript knowledge, who want to learn the essentials for creating web projects using the Angular framework. The main goal this course is trying to accomplish is to save you time, because learning the basics of any framework, can take lots of time and at certain point most of the people give up. The lectures are structured using Angular version 6, this way you can learn to use the latest framework changes. The code is full of explanations on each and every step, leaving you not wandering on how and why the things happen.

What to expect to learn how to :

  • structure an Angular application using best practices
  • create, use and style components, services and work with templates
  • build image upload service with the help of NodeJS and express
  • use the Visual Studio code

We will develop 2 projects:

  • click button component
  • fully functional image upload form

The course is also good to quickly compare if you would like to continue working with the Angular or switch to another framework. After you finish with the course, you can browse for other courses, in order to expand your knowledge.

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