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Angular PRO Course : ADVANCED SINGLE PAGE APPLICATIONS, Solidify your angular (2 && 4) knowledge by building and deploying a complete social platform application.

Have you been wanting to build a complete single page application from scratch using angular (2/4) ? 

Have you been learning angular from here and there without any real world experience in building real world and enterprise ready applications ? 

Well I have good news. This course is what exactly what you need . In this course, we cover the very essentials of the angular framework, learning how to use the very wonderful packages that come with the framework. We cover topics like:

  • Angular application architecture
  • Template driven and reactive forms
  • Angular services and dependency injection
  • Routing and navigation
  • Pipes and custom pipes creation
  • HTTP and external API communication 
  • Angular application deployment to the cloud

    And so much more !

Get hands down knowledge on angular, by building every single block of functionality you would be needing in a real world application .

Pay once, benefit a lifetime of continuous updates !

Don’t lose any time, gain an edge and start developing now !

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