Business Growth Acceleration

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Business Growth Acceleration, Actionable strategies to price correctly, acquire clients and grow your business.

This course describes essential business strategies, techniques and actionable tips to accelerate growth in your business. It aims to help you reach your business’ full potential but requires proactive and motivated people to apply practical insights. If you are serious about boosting your business growth, being a coach, consultant or service provider, keep reading.

This course is taught by Nisandeh Neta, a multimillionaire business expert, Founder of Open Circles Academy, the creator of the Business Bootcamp and 24 other business and personal development training programs, best-selling author and co-founder of the Open Circles Foundation.

In this course you will learn:

  • how to master business growth acceleration,
  • actionable techniques to manage multiple projects,
  • how to increase profit through smart pricing,
  • how to increase credibility and perceived expertise,
  • how to build and acquire the right list of clients,
  • how to build a sustainable, long-lasting relationship with your clients and
  • how to reach your business’ full potential with a healthy cash flow and daily success routines.

Nisandeh’s students have brought more than 300 million Euros to the Dutch economy where he first taught his systems. Now, those systems are available globally. With more than 2000 students in just the first two months of taking the courses online, Nisandeh and his team is ready to support you grow your business.

Attention: As all of Nisandeh’s courses, the focus here is on helping mainly coaches, consultants and service providers. If you are not in this category, this course will most probably be beneficial for you, but you better go through each video’s description and decide for yourself.

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