Business Statistics Fundamentals

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Business Statistics Fundamentals, Learn everything you need to know about statistics used in businesses.

Data has become the most powerful tool for businesses today. Use of data has become so pervasive that you will hardly come across a sector or field where data is not used. So, whether you are a working professional, student or entrepreneur, understanding data and statistics is not an optional subject, but a vital ingredient of your success in career.

The objective of this course is to develop a strong foundation of all the important concepts of business statistics. Every concept is thoroughly explained with the help of explanatory videos and step by step calculation of example data. Also, you will get a feel of real world data analysis from the MS Excel exercises. You can test yourself with the quiz after every chapter. Not only that, you can also download the PDF files for chapter summaries which can be used as ready reckoner.

This course is divided into 11 chapters. It starts from understanding the basic concepts of statistics like definition, types of data, branches of statistics etc. Second chapter discusses the graphical representation of data where you will learn about different types of graphs and diagrams and also which is to be used for what kind of data. In the next few chapters, we discuss about various data analysis tools, descriptive and inferential statistics, probability, index numbers and statistical quality control.

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