Cisco CCNA: Understanding OSPF LSA Types

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Cisco CCNA: Understanding OSPF LSA Types, Clarify the difference between each one of OSPF LSA Types, Redistribution metric & Type, EIGRP Auto-ummarization.

OSPF is in some way a complex protocol that has multiple pieces, and each one of these pieces has it own difficulty. One of the OSPF complex topics or puzzles for CCNA students is the LSA (or Link State Advertisements) Types. So what are those types? And how does each one of them differ from the other ? How are they generated? Which ones are restricted into the area and which ones pass through the area order? How does the OSPF cost be calculated based on the LSA types?

In this course I will answer all these questions. In addition, we will see how to set the OSPF redistribution metric & type, and how to understand the EIGRP Auto summarization. So join me in this course and be an OSPF champ!

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