Excel Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Chart & Excel Dashboard

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Excel Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Chart & Excel Dashboard, Create Excel Dashboard – Excel Data Analysis & Data Visualization with Excel Pivot Charts, Pivot Table & Excel Formulas.

Microsoft Excel РExcel Data Analysis and Data Visualization  with Excel Pivot Tables, Excel Pivot Charts and Dynamic Excel Dashboards.

Excel Charts and Excel Graphs are one of most powerful features of Microsoft Excel which allows the users to represent numerical data in Graphical Data Visualization format so that end user gets a better view of the Information discussed.

In this course

You will learn the Excel Pivot Table and Excel Pivot Chart Function in detail and you will learn how to create Dynamic Excel Charts and Excel Graphs.

  • You will Learn to create a Dynamic Sales Dashboard
  • You will learn how to design, style and format aspects of Excel 2016 are applied on Excel charts
  • You will use the dynamic graphical representation to display your complex data in an impressive way.

This Course is structured in 5 Plus chapters and you will learn all the aspects of Excel Dashboard in depth .

We will go through, steps in detail to create 2 Dynamic Excel Dashboards using Charts, Design and Style Elements.

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