Get Clients Now Funnel (Client Acquisition, Lead Gen)

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Get Clients Now Funnel (Client Acquisition, Lead Gen), A Full Client Acquisition System For Service-Based Businesses, Coaches, and Consultants.

Do you sell high-end services, coaching, or consulting?

If so, there’s a funnel to make the client acquisition process as smooth as butter!

I call it the “Get Clients NOW!” funnel; by utilizing proven strategies and tactics in combination with marketing automation and retargeting, you’ll have more clients than you know what to do with!

The funnel consists of 3 Phases:

Phase I: Make Cold Traffic Warm
This is accomplished by showing off of high quality content to cold traffic and embedding you, and your company, in your visitors’ mind!

Phase II: Capture Contact Info & Prove Your Worth
You’ll capture your visitors’ contact information by offering value in the form of a PDF document. This PDF is designed to set you apart from your competition, solidify you as an authority, and even qualify your prospect so you don’t waste time with people who aren’t a good fit!

Phase III: Give, Give, Give = Receive
During this phase of the operation, you’re going to give your prospective client so much value that they won’t be able to say no! Closing deals is going to be so easy, you’ll probably need to hire a whole new work force to help you with the amount of work you’re generating!

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