Getting Started with .NET Core Identity Server 4

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Getting Started with .NET Core Identity Server 4, Securing Apps using Identity Server 4.

Get Started with .NET Core Identity Server and Securing your Applications!

Are you a student or professional in the field of software engineering using .NET Core and need to integrate security middleware within your Web Application and Web API’s? Have you been looking for a quick and easy way to get up and running with the new Cross Platform .NET Core and Identity Server 4 technology and don’t want to go through an overwhelming amount of material just to get your environment configured? Don’t worry as THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU! 

In my course, I will teach you how to get your .NET Core Apps integrated with Identity Server 4 and help you to build and secure your Web API’s through a step-by-step guided approach. I will be showing you all the necessary installation and setup needed for .NET Core, Identity Server 4, and Postman!

Take this course and feel proud of the fact that you will be one step closer towards mastering .NET Core, Web API’s, and Identity Server 4!

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