Google Assistant Development from Beginner to Expert

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Google Assistant Development from Beginner to Expert, Build apps for Google Assistant using DialogFlow & Firebase for Google Home & Smartphones.

Hello and welcome to the course on Google Assistant Development from Beginner to Expert.

NO PREVIOUS knowledge about Google Assistant or programming is required for this course.

We are living in the era where technology is evolving day by day. From computers we shifted to Smartphones in the past decade and now we are stepping into the new world of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with the invention of smart speakers like Google Home, Amazon Echo and many more to come.

Tech Giants are investing their time and capital to make these assistants more user friendly and also there is no doubt that assistants are going to influence business in future and our day to day lives.

In  I/O 2018, Google announced that Google Assistant can talk as a person, you can search for that video on YouTube and we can assume that these smart speakers is the next big thing. So, it is a perfect time to learn how to make apps for Google Assistant and you can move ahead as there are new updates coming in this domain.

In this course we are going to make apps for Google Assistant with built in Templates (Trivia, Flash Cards, Personality Quiz) , Dialogflow and we will also host our applications on Firebase.

We’ll make three applications in this course and you’ll learn how to make apps with templates, we’ll make FRIENDS CAST application which is already there in actions on google directory and how to add rich responses like Cards, Media Controls etc.. In our Weather App you’re going to learn how to use APIs in your Google Assistant apps.

You’ll also learn how to use Google Cloud to host your own data.

Google will also award you with exclusive Google Assistant T-Shirt for deploying your first app and Google Home if you get initial traction if you deploy your apps before 31st July 2018.

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