How to Navigate a Networking Event

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How to Navigate a Networking Event, Time for networking is included at conferences, meetings, & around the water cooler each day. But how do you do it?

  • Do you cringe at the idea of attending an event?
  • Feel overwhelmed when you see everyone in clusters talking and feel left out?
  • Wonder how to break into a conversation? Or get out of one!
  • Forget someone’s name and want hide?
  • Got a stack of business cards and no method of staying in touch?
  • Feeling anxious to advance your career but not sure how to talk to “senior level” peoplle?

In this engaging, fast paced course you’ll learn skills and strategies to gain confidence when you need to “work a room.”

You’ll have a completely new perspective on how to manage normal/natural anxiety when talking to people you don’t know (and why you can blame your parents).

You’ll walk away having a greater understanding of how to make connections and stay in touch.

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