IKEv1 IPSEc Theory For Network Security Engineers

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IKEv1 IPSEc Theory For Network Security Engineers, Understand IPSEc like a pro.

There are many misconceptions when it relates to how IPSEC works. This class will take the student from the basics to a full understanding of IPSEC. Foundational concepts are explained thoroughly with details beyond what is typically used to explain the topic. This leads to knowledge gaps for typical network engineers. Having the thorough understanding on how things work is crucial in being able to troubleshoot IPSEc issues.

Often times, network security engineers struggle to troubleshoot IPSec issues and the main reason is a lack of understanding on how the protocol stack works. This class is aimed towards getting deeper into the topics and expalin details that are buried within RFCs.

This class explains the concepts of ISAKMP, Encryption and hashing, the purpose of Diffie Hellman. The class explains the Phase 1 main mode and aggressive mode. The class progresses into phase 2 by explaining the relationship between Phase 1 and Phase 2 and the Authentication Header and Encapsulation Security Payload protocols. Other topics are discussed: informational messages, DPD and NAT traversal.

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