Improve Your English Grammar: Video Lessons and Practice

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Improve Your English Grammar: Video Lessons and Practice, Learn the basics of English grammar. Designed to help writers, students, and English-language learners.

Learn how to find and fix common English grammar mistakes with a native-speaking English instructor with 20 years teaching experience! 

Improve Your English Grammar is a comprehensive online course designed to provide students with the English Grammar skills necessary for success in professional, academic, and social situations. The course consists of 8 video lectures with several printable grammar activities to reinforce the concepts discussed in each lecture. This course will take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete, but the actual time will vary depending on the individual learner.

All chapters provide a brief review of the basic forms of each topic, which is followed by an online practice at the end of each lecture.  The supplemental grammar activities are printable and include answer keys for reference. Ultimately, this course will enable students to sound more articulate, well-educated, and overall more professional in their speech and writing.

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