Installation & Maintenance of Solar Photovoltaic(PV) System

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Installation & Maintenance of Solar Photovoltaic(PV) System, Learn how to install, troubleshoot and maintain a solar PV system.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the best practices for installation and maintenance of a solar PV system.

If you are looking for a job in the solar industry or looking to simply implement your project, you need a complete understanding of the civil and mechanical work required to install a solar PV system, the best practices for wiring a solar PV system, the safety precautions to be taken and the procedure for monitoring and maintaining a solar PV system .

This course will help you get there very fast through easy to comprehend animations and worksheets. The animations are truly unique and include 2D visualisations of grid-tied and off-grid system functioning, wiring procedures, earthing and over 70 other topics. You can even see a 3D walkthrough of the inspection of an installed system!

This course has been deployed at over 50 vocational training centres in India and Africa including the National Institute of Solar Energy in India.

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