Introduction to Computer Networks for QA Testers

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Introduction to Computer Networks for QA Testers, The concept of Computer Networks in IT field.

This free course is only an introduction course to the full How to become successful QA Tester in Computer Networks”. In this short course you are going to learn the concept of the Computer Networks technology.  The whole required and necessary information on how QA Testing is involved in the Computer Networks technology you would find in the full: How to become successful QA Tester in Computer Networks” course.  

Why would you like to learn the Computer Network field for QA SW Testing?

Did you hear about the monsters of IT industry such as CISCO, IBM, AVAYA, F5  and others? If yes, you should know that the Network technology developed by these companies is the heart of modern world, that we are living in.  Your e-mail and Facebook connections, Instagram and Google search are running on Network infrastructure, developed for the real progress of our life. Computer Network is a top of IT industry pyramid.

If you are a professional QA Tester without Computer Network knowledge, join to this course to become a part of this progress and to complete the missing professional skills and education. And who knows: maybe one day, you will be hired by the monsters and will consider yourself at the top of IT Industry and QA Testing pyramid as well.

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