Introduction To Biomedical Engineering- Entry Level RAHBE101

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Introduction To Biomedical Engineering- Entry Level RAHBE101, Rahsoft Biomedical Engineering Certificate Online Courses.

This course is not complete and lectures will be added on biweekly basis.

Introduction to Biomedical Engineering is an Entry Level Course for people with no background in the Biomedical Engineering industry to have a crash course on fundamental topics existing in this broad field. This course is not intended to go deep into all topics as that would takes years of classes but would concentrate on fundamental subjects in each topic of Biomedical Engineering. At the end of this course you would know fundamental topics spoken in the industry, major companies as well as different fields and jobs in the Biomedical Engineering industry.

This course is created and donated to Rahsoft by Dr Amin Janghorbani

The course adviser of this course is Ahsan Ghoncheh

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