It’s not that Scary: A Beginner’s Guide to Public Speaking

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It’s not that Scary: A Beginner’s Guide to Public Speaking, The ideal step-by-step course through fundamentals of public speaking with practical exercises and many tips & tricks.

It’s not that Scary: A Beginner’s Guide to Public Speaking is an ideal course for anyone who doesn’t have much experience at public speaking or generally finds speaking in front of many people challenging. Together, we will go step by step through fundamentals of public speaking combined with useful exercises and many tips & tricks to help you stand confidently in front of people, give your audience a great time and craft your own personal style, all in a compact format with the duration of slightly more than one hour.

After this course you will be able to:

  • Fully understand and successfully deal with stage fright
  • Have a confident presence in front of people
  • Use your body language to create a connection with your audience
  • Gesture so that your body supports your message
  • Find the optimal volume for the room of any shape or size
  • Maximize the potential of your voice
  • Successfully avoid becoming monotonous
  • Come up with a creative and attention-grabbing opening and ending
  • Shape your message and the content of your speech in an effective way
  • Explain concepts by adapting to your audience

Regardless whether you’re a student, entrepreneur, executive, team leader, lawyer, teacher or simply wish to get better at making speeches for personal improvement, this course will give you a strong footing for any kind of public appearances –¬†presentations, pitching, panel discussions, lectures, toasts –¬†anything that includes stepping up an speaking in front of people. Plus, we will also have some fun along the way.

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