Java: Novice to Professional

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Java: Novice to Professional, Ultimate Java Tutorial to build and solidify Java Programming Foundations.

Lets begin with few myths about Java Programming,

Programming is difficult, Java is tough 😉 etc. etc.

Let me tell you Java is ABSOLUTELY EASY and Programming is fun.

But when we try to find the root cause why people find it difficult ? you will come to know that this is because of lack of clarity in programming fundamentals, applying a feature depends on how clear we are about its origin and need, in simple words “Why we need it and when to use it?” if you know the answer then you will be able to solve even the complex problems.

This course teaches you the language features along with insights into its origin, and its application through simplified examples.

From a Java developer perspective one need to be good at

  1. Programming fundamentals
  2. Clear knowledge about Object Oriented Programming features
  3. Coding for interfaces
  4. Designing reusable and flexible code
  5. Using Collections & API effectively

The above points form the core content of this course, you will learn complex features with simplified examples. I believe if you are strong in fundamentals you will be able to solve even the complex problems. This course works on your fundamentals and guides you through novice to professional in Java.

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