Javascript For Beginners

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Javascript For Beginners, Go from writing your first line of code to building your first app with JavaScript.

Do you want to learn how to code? Are you tired of coding tutorials where you don’t build anything and feel like they go way too fast? Coding doesn’t have to be really hard to understand.

JavaScript is an incredibly programming language. Knowing how to use JavaScript to build scalable, fast web applications is one of the most in-demand skills of today. 

In this course, you will go from the very basics of JavaScript to learning about the fundamentals to creating your first app. You’ll learn about variables, objects, functions, arrays, and how Asynchronous JavaScript works. At the end of the course, we’ll build a Game of Thrones-themed app and apply your knowledge of Asynchronous JavaScript and all you’ve learned.

We’ll learn pure JavaScript and go over how the language works, so you can take your foundational knowledge of JS and use it to learn any framework you want. JavaScript frameworks and libraries include React, Angular and Node.

This course is a fun introduction to JavaScript for anyone who wants to jump into learning by writing code.

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