JavaScript Robotics: Working with Cylon JS

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JavaScript Robotics: Working with Cylon JS, Interacting with the Arduino using the JavaScript framework, Cylon JS.

This course is intended for anyone who would love to get introduced to controlling electronic components with JavaScript for IoT, robotics or even home automation projects.

This course will give an introduction on how to control components connected to an Arduino with a JavaScript framework called Cylon JS.

I will start off by taking you through an overview as to why I picked JavaScript as the language of choice, as well as some of the tools you will see throughout the course.

I will then guide you through the basics of the Arduino microcontroller and how you can get set up to develop with it using JavaScript.

The Cylon JS framework will then be introduced, and sample circuits will be constructed to demonstrate how to interact with them using Cylon.

All of the code from the demos I show, slideshows, circuit diagrams, and necessary links will be added as resources that can be accessed and/or downloaded at any point.

The development is done on a Windows platform, though only minimal code demonstrated is Windows-specific. I will point out where you might need to veer off if you’re using a different OS.

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