Learn Adobe InDesign from Scratch

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Learn Adobe InDesign from Scratch, Extend your photographic skills into the design world with this basic, but thorough introduction to the world’s most pow.

This course is all about learning the basics of Adobe’s powerhouse page layout application, InDesign. Though working with an industry-standard application might at first appear complex, you’ll find that this course uses a simple to understand training approach so that, even if you are a relative beginner, the process of starting and learning is attainable with a minimum of fuss.

During the length of its 50+ lessons, you will learn how to set up a simple business card document, pamphlets and even multi-page brochures or flyers. These can then be used in a wide range of applications, from personal development, business and self promotion.

InDesign from Scratch consists of a mix of instructional videos, practical quizzes (to help you remember what you have learned) and HTML pages. As the title suggests, the course begins with the absolute basics. We look at the terminology, the tools, the palettes, and the interface of the program – and then step you through your first project.

The concept behind InDesign from Scratch is to enable amateur and professional photographers to explore a range of simple design skills with the idea of expanding their creative skill set. For a photographer this would typically include not only location and set shots, but also a wider package that might incorporate the integration of the traditional photo package with simple design, even multimedia and marketing.

Aside from expanding what a photographer can do with their professional career, InDesign from Scratch is perfect for anyone wanting to push their design skills past what MS Word or Apple Pages might have to offer.

Though this course comprises more than 50 lessons, it would be feasible to complete everything in two weeks, if full time, and around six to eight weeks, if studied part time.

InDesign from Scratch offers you a no fuss introduction to the world of graphic design while generating the opportunity to integrate what’s learned into an existing workflow.

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