Learn Bootstrap Basics Fast

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Learn Bootstrap Basics Fast, Learn Bootstrap Basics Fast with this course.

This is the bite size course to learn Bootstrap. You will learn Bootstrap very fast and You will create your own website very soon after learning the course. You can look into our Learn HTML Basics Fast, Learn CSS Basics Fast , and Learn Javascript Basics Fast Course.


  1. Install Text Editor
  2. Embed Bootstrap in HTML
  3. Bootstrap Grid System
  4. Bootstrap Text
  5. Bootstrap Tables
  6. Bootstrap Forms
  7. Bootstrap Buttons
  8. Bootstrap Icons
  9. Bootstrap Image
  10. Bootstrap Jumbotron
  11. Bootstrap Alerts
  12. Bootstrap Badges
  13. Bootstrap Pagination
  14. Bootstrap Navigation Menu
  15. Bootstrap Navigation Bar
  16. Bootstrap Cards
  17. Putting Everything Together – Create Your Own Website using Bootstrap

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