Learn how to simplified HR Reports

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Learn how to simplified HR Reports, Simplified HR Reports with Excel.

This program aims to simplify the task of human resource personnel who deal with various types of data, ranging from recruitment, compensation, employee benefit, workforce planning and development programs.

It is particularly useful in HR workloads where the HR practitioner needs to perform calculation for salary adjustments and bonus. They will be exposed to “what if” analysis when it comes to a collective agreement on negotiation for bonus, salary and increment proposals for management.

Impress your management with the right techniques and skills on how to manage HR data efficiently and to perform the right analysis.

Basic Microsoft Windows knowledge is essential with the following pre-requisites:

  • Able to switch between task applications
  • Able to “Create”, “Save”, “Open” and “Print” spreadsheet
  • Able to use “Undo” or “Redo” function
  • Able to print a spreadsheet with headers and footers added
  • Able to create simple formulas (additional, subtraction, multiplication and division)
  • Able to create simple functions (Sum, Average, Count, Max & Min)

Upon completion of this program, participants will:

  • Have a better comprehension on how functions work in Excel
  • Be better able to handle text data
  • Maximize the benefits of filters
  • Be more confident in creating Excel reports
  • Know how to use validation to ensure database integrity
  • Be able to make fast decision with the use of the logical function
  • Learn how to extract relevant data with LOOKUP functions
  • Ensure they obtain data consistency with functions
  • Analyzing Data with Statistical and Math Functions
  • Work with Date Functions
  • Know how to explore various possibilities with “What IF analysis”?
  • Merging Data from Multiple Worksheets
  • Know how to analyzing data with pivot table
  • Identify the differences between custom formatting vs. conditional formatting
  • Gain confidence and learn valuable tips

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