Mental Doping – 6 weeks program

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Mental Doping – 6 weeks program, “Motivate Max” the mental doping program – designed for personal high performance!

The natural increase of your power!

“Motivate Max” is a special seminar for mental doping. You learn how to increase your performance enormously, without having to use medication.

The mental doping program was designed especially for professional athletes. Meanwhile, countless managers and university students have used the principles of mental doping to increase their performance and motivation in their jobs and learning.

The program consists of two parts.
In the first part you will learn how to use mental doping for you.
The second part is the practical part. It is a 6 week program and has a different focus every week.
Motivate Max will inspire you. No matter where you stand today – mental doping will help you to develop a whole new power potential.

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