Software Design for Web Applications

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Software Design for Web Applications, Learn concepts of Web App Software Design.

Software Design is the process of defining software methods, functions,  objects, and  the overall structure and interaction of your code so that  the  resulting functionality will satisfy your users requirements.

Design allows you do the best abstraction, it allows you to understand the requirements better, meet them better.

Design prevents redundancy and increases reusability.

Design is also the best approach to mitigate the risk you have no idea about.

Design allows not only to find out how the software product is going to look, but also allows both software owners and developers to realize how it’s going to function. Therefore a software design must combine functionality, informativeness, and simplicity, so that even a child could use the app without need to learn. That’s what makes up an intuitive app design.

The stage of design will provide you with the initial vision of the software product you want to receive; and this vision becomes clearer.

In this course, we will learn about software design for web applications.

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