Sumie – Bamboo for beginners

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Sumie – Bamboo for beginners, Zōhō techinique.

The pictures drawn by Sumi (black ink) are generally called ‘Suiboku-ga’ or ‘Sumi-e’ in Japan. It is said that ‘Sumi-e is the most popular way of saying overseas. Sumi-e basically uses only black ink but sometimes uses a little bit of other pigments as well. Sumi-e with other pigments is called Bokusaiga.
Sumie uses various techniques of gradation, shading, bleeding, blurring. Such techniques can be obtained through changing the amount of water added to the ink.

At this time, the subject is “Bamboo”. There are two kinds of techinique about leaves, “Zōhō” and Rohō”. “Zōhō” techinique means drawing leaves by using one tone ink without gradation. On the other hand, “Zōhō” techinique means drawing leaves by using gradation of ink. In this course, you can master Zōhō” techinique.

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