The Ultimate CSS Flexbox Course

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The Ultimate CSS Flexbox Course, From a complete beginner to a flexbox CSS master.

In this course I will lead you through from a complete N00b, to a flexbox master!

You will know how to understand deeply how flexbox works (things that won’t tell you in any other course or tutorial),

you will know how to manipulate stubborn HTML elements,

and you will also code along with me, and meet REAL WORLD examples, and how to solve them with flexbox.

you will learn how to set a flexbox container properties such as:

  • Flexbox flex-direction
  • Flexbox align-items
  • Flexbox justify-content
  • Flexbox flex-wrap
  • and more!

You will also learn how to set a flexbox items properties such as :

  • Flexbox align-self
  • Flexbox grow
  • Flexbox shrink
  • and many more!

I carefully combined lots of pop quiz, tests, and Cheetsheet, and also have a showcase so you could show-off your skills, and even learn from one another.

I am extremely pumped and eager to respond to your questions. and I will love to hear what you think!

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