The Traveller’s Guide To Legionnaires’ Disease

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The Traveller’s Guide To Legionnaires’ Disease, Are you at risk of getting Legionella infection?

In this course we introduce you to Legionnaires’ disease, the bacteria that causes it and how the infection happens.

If you are in the high-risk category : Eldery, smoker, pregnant mom or have a low immune system, you need to know the risk you are in when you use the shower, walk past a fountain or even in a public use swimming pool. There is even risk of infection from central air-conditioning at conference centres.

In this course, we will help you identify the risks, and how you can manage and prevent the possibility of infection. We have also included a 15-point prevention plan for building managers of hotels/apartment buildings.

There is no vaccination against the disease, so it is critically important that infection is prevented.

It is in your own interest to be aware of the risks of Legionnaires disease.

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