Udemy Mastery: Successfully Create Courses (UNOFFICIAL)

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Udemy Mastery: Successfully Create Courses (UNOFFICIAL), Discover How To Build a Career Developing high Demand Online Video Courses.

Are you an expert? 

Do you wish you could expand your sphere of influence?

Udemy has over 24 million students. A large proportion of them are interested in your topics.

Ricky Shetty and Scott Paton share the strategies and tactics that will make your courses on Udemy popular and fill up fast.


  • The Udemy Advantage
  • Why Udemy is the Platform of the future
  • How Udemy’s promotional Plans Work
  • How to Find the Most Profitable Niches for your courses
  • A Streamlined Course Production System
  • How to Market Your Courses
  • How to Leverage Your Courses
  • And Much More…

Join the 24,000+ instructors on Udemy and change the world!

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