The Comprehensive Guide to Earned Value Management

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The Comprehensive Guide to Earned Value Management, Learn What is Earned Value Management, How Implement an Earned Value Management System and Do Earned Value Analysis.

The project environment is an ever changing and exiting place to be. Project Managers help shape the physical world we live in and contribute substantially the success of organisations and government institutions.

The project landscape is changing with even more demands being placed on the project manager to deliver the project goals and objectives on time and on budget. Traditional methods of monitoring and controlling the project cost and schedule baselines are outdated and just does not have the desired impact in increasing the certainty of a project meeting its objectives.

It is for this reason that we employ the concept of earned value management. EVM arms the project manager with an industry recognised tried-and-tested tool to help monitor project progress. Through EVA the project manager can identify project issues early and continuously make take corrective actions to ensure the project stays on goal. Project teams are also able to understand the extent f the issue with access to earned value performance data.

Earned value will allow the project team to answer the following questions:

  • How much work did we plan to do?
  • How much work got done?
  • How much did the completed work cost?
  • What was the total job supposed to cost?
  • What do we now expect the total job to cost?

Being able to answer these questions would put you in a position of power. These questions may seem basic, but most team members do not have the answers.

If you are:

  • New to project management
  • An experienced project professional and would like to complement your knowledge with earned value
  • A project manager with the responsibility of delivering the project goals and objectives
  • Planning a project in your personal life, like an extension to your home

Then this course is just for you!

My course will:

  • Help you Make Sense of Earned Value Management
  • Help you Understand How We Use Earned Value Management
  • Enable you to Implement an Earned Value Management System
  • Allow you to Apply Earned Value Analysis on Any project.

So why not get the edge over your fellow project team members and potentially increase your earning by learning Earned Value Management.

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