Greater Performance Through Mental Imagery and Self-Talk

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Greater Performance Through Mental Imagery and Self-Talk, Mental Imagery and Self-talk.

We have all heard some form of the saying, “sports are 80% mental and 20% physical”. Let’s purposefully engage the 80% and make measurable performance gains. In this course you will create and apply mental imagery and self-talk techniques for the purpose of gaining greater performance in the skill of your choosing. Mental imagery and self-talk can give you quick results and when practiced over a longer period of time mental imagery and self-talk can also help with focus, clarity, your ability to overcome mistakes and programming of specific actions when under high amounts of pressure or stress. In other words what you see in your mind and tell yourself matters when it comes to performing. Throughout this course you will use the workbook I designed to help you shape your mental movie and script to attain performance gains.

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