Master JavaScript from Beginner to Expert Level

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Master JavaScript from Beginner to Expert Level, Learn one of the popular programming languages of the industry with easy to understand demos.

JavaScript is a language widely used in web development to enhance client-side interactions between the user and the browser. But JavaScript is also beginning to see use in other applications, from server-side coding to scripting for any device that has a JavaScript run time.

There is also an ever-growing collection of web development frameworks built in
: Node-JS, Angular, React… to name just a few. Of course, to develop
code in these frameworks requires a knowledge of JavaScript, and that’s where
this course comes in.

Course topics include:

  • Global and local variables
  • Scope of variables functions
  • Events
  • The Document Object Model
  • Running a script at page load
  • Control structures
  • Arrays
  • Introduction to objects

This course is the first part of a two – part series. In the next course, we’ll
learn about object oriented JavaScript, which will prepare you to work with the
most popular online frameworks.

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