Travel Scams Master Class

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Travel Scams Master Class, Avoiding Travel Scams – Travel Hacks.

Travel scams are common around the world, but how do we spot them? And more importantly, how do we avoid getting caught in a scam? Whether you plan a trip to Morocco, Turkey, Vietnam, India or Italy, there is something for EVERYONE in this course! Because spotting a real con-artist requires practice, skills and TOOLS. They are never who they seem and the information in this course is something I personally wish I had known prior to my travels!

This course contains lots of videos and personal stories and examples of some scams found in various countries including Egypt, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan and more! 

This course contains some material found in the Women’s Travel Safety Online course, however has a lot of bonus videos that is not found in that course. Any one can learn these skills and it is important to educate ourselves so we don’t find ourselves in difficult situations with no cash or means!

Topics / Stories Covered: 

  • Turkey Hot Air Balloon Scam
  • Kyrgyzstan Tow Truck Scam – Mongol Rally
  • Cambodia Stolen Motorcycle Scam
  • Egyptian Taxi Scam
  • African Dating Scams
  • Police Bribes
  • Mafia in Italy and EVERYWHERE
  • Voluntourism and Animal Scams

Krystal uses her expertise and knowledge living in countries such as India, Egypt and more to share her inside tips, tools and encounters with con artists around the world! Join her in this easy to follow course and in less than an hour you will find you have the confidence to travel to any country and NOT get scammed!

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